ordering Photos

A Hi resolution JPEG (  an electronic copy of image ) emailed to your pc.

A “jpeg” is the standard format for photo on your P.C once you buy a JPEG the image is emailed to your PC to copy or upload to Facebook etc.

All images can be available as  JPEG or print.

Just place your order by entering your photo number e.g. Party Photo 1

6 x 4 ( in a mount )    
Price(GBP): £3.50

7 x 5 ( in a mount )    
Price(GBP): £4.00

8 x6 ( in a mount )    
Price(GBP): £5.00

A4 print ( in a 14 x 11″ mount)   
Price(GBP): £15.00

A3 print (in a  mount)   
Price(GBP): £20.00

The above are for prints.

please ask by email dwkerr@hotmail.co.uk for  digital file

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